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Recording & Mixing

Getting all the music parts created and glued together is crucial to the sound of your final mix.

Song & Music Demos

Get a high quality demo to present your song to publishers, artists and other industry contacts.

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Quality music production starts with proper planning. We work with you to plan your project.

Save Money And Time With Online Sessions

At Backroad Music we understand that time and money is in short supply these days. For that reason we offer online sessions to help you kick off your project right from your very own computer.

Set up initial project without the hassle of traveling!

Upload any scratch recordings prior to project.

Contribute to your mix during the process.

Save money .

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a browser.

We Help You Create!

Take your music to the next level with a professional mix from an Ocala Florida recording Studio.

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Record your home demo and contact us!

If you've recorded a guitar or piano and vocal, or just a vocal with a melody, send it to us and we will create your professional song demo.

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If you live near Ocala Florida and prefer to book a studio session in house, we can accommodate you.

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